Stop driving in circles.

Gryd is a Canadian-born startup committed to driving property tech forward, with a suite of services designed to support the property management industry, including GrydPark, GrydDigital & GrydRent

GrydPark is changing the way people park through our advanced parking marketplace fuelled by vacant spots in private parking lots. GrydPark enables drivers to find and pre-book these affordable hourly, daily and monthly parking spots directly from the mobile app.

Our core values


We operate with a growth mindset and are always looking for opportunities to take the next step forward.


We tackle challenges together as a team; all egos are checked at the door.

Gives a sh*t

We all want to be here, believe in what we are building, and will do what it takes to get there.


We are here for more than the bread, we don’t take ourselves too seriously and enjoy our time together.

Embodies integrity

We always do what is right and are proud of the way we treat everyone and the work we do.